The Phishing Flowchart Highlights Red Flags In Dangerous Emails

We hardly see the average Lifehacker reader getting taken by a simple phishing scam — you're a techno-literature bunch — but a little refresher never hurts and this flowchart is perfect for showing to relatives who have no idea what "phishing" even is.

The above image is a companion image to the guide at LoginHelper on how to identify phishing attacks, but for a quick and easy refresher and way to explain to less than techno-savvy relatives what to look for to defend against a phishing attack it's a great stand-alone aide.

If you're in educate-the-relatives mode make sure to check out our previous article: The Complete Guide to Avoiding Online Scams (for Your Less Savvy Friends and Relatives). It's a great starting point for opening the eyes of friends and family that give the sincerity of foreign princes a little too much stock.

Have a great visual aide or guide to help people become more security conscious? Share a link in the comments below.

The Phishing Flow Chart [via gHacks]


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