The DIY StudioDesk Office

The DIY StudioDesk Office

What can you do if you fall in love with a $US600 desk but it’s not in your budget? Build your own, of course. Today’s featured workspace is a minimalist workspace with hidden cord management.

Lifehacker reader Joseperezfm got a chance to put his workshop to work in the quest for a perfect desk. He writes:

I love Bluelounge’s StudioDesk, but at $US599 it’s way too much money. So, I built my own. The biggest improvement is that the legs are hollow so wires can be run to the box under the desk.

Using modest materials like plywood and regular old drawer sliders, he built a modified version of the StudioDesk. We actually like his better because, as he points out, the power cable can be routed down the leg of the desk instead of just out of the bottom like the original. Check out additional photos below for a closer look, including one from his workshop showing the desk sliding open. If you want to see photos of the desk from start to finish in his workshop, visit his Flickr set at the link below.

The DIY StudioDesk Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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