The Book Depository Offers Free Worldwide Shipping

The Book Depository Offers Free Worldwide Shipping

If you’re a bibliophile forever in search of inexpensive ways to acquire new books you’ll want to check out The Book Depository a book seller with a focus on a huge inventory of books that always ship for free.

The Book Depository has an enormous collection of physical books and a complimentary library of 11,000 free e-books to share. We compared the prices at The Book Depository to several other online retailers including Amazon and Barnes and Nobles — two sites constantly working on undercutting each other — and the prices at The Book Depository still came in the lowest. Sometimes it was only by 10 cents and other times by 10 dollars or more and very rarely it was equal pricing at both sites. Once the free shipping is factored in the pricing at The Book Depository is almost always the best value, especially for international shoppers.

Have a favourite site for finding books cheaply? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

The Book Depository [via Download Squad]


    • My experience ordering books online is limited. Looking for advice on kwhich site offers the quickest delivery to Australia. Am I right in thinking that books are received quicker if you order from inside Australia (e.g. booktopia) or is it the same as ordering from book depository US or UK?
      Please advise

    Compares all these sites and more to find the cheapest (inc shipping to australia) specific books. though through my experience book depository (sometimes UK is cheaper than USA and vice versa) is normally the cheaper option.

  • I’m guessing this article is an import from the American site?

    I’m sure that more than a few people at Lifehacker know about the Booko comparison website and also that the UK version of the Book Depository is *usually* cheaper than its US counterpart.

    • With the books I’ve ordered from bookdepository – the .com (US) store usually works out much cheaper. Out of 9 books, 7 were cheaper at the US store, according to and inspecting the sites, with two books each being $3 cheaper than the UK store, meaning a saving of $6. I think the overall saving was more than $10.00 (AUD). The .com site is my first port of call and I check for price differences. My advice to buyers is to try using the .com store because generally it is quite a few $A cheaper – use to compare prices between UK and US Bookdepository stores

  • I’m surprised Lifehacker has only just discovered TBP. I knew about something before LH? Inconceivable!

    I can vouch for quick delivery. I’ve bought lots of books from TBD ( some might say too many…) and I don’t recall any book taking much longer than a week to arrive. I just received one yesterday – placed the order at TBD UK on the 11th and it arrived on the 16th!

    • I am a fan too, but my neighbour did have one issue with them. Despite being a return customer (many times over), they shipped one parcel to [her first name], Toowoomba, 4350, Australia. Unsurprisingly, the parcel did not arrive.
      When she contacted TBD, they told her that they fully acknowledged stuffing up the address but that their policy only allowed them to ship a replacement once the first had been returned. As far as I know, she’s still waiting many months later.

      But that’s just one screwup. I really like the way they’re getting various out-of-print books back in stock too.

  • Agree with previous comments – is fantastic – its saved me hundreds – and book depository UK is usually the cheapest. I’ve never used Amazon or (unfortunately) any local booksellers since. Even considering local GST, I don’t get how BD from UK can ship me a book from UK for half or less what I pay at Borders or Dymocks here – are we really getting ripped off in Australia that much?

    • Love the book depositary. Brilliantly cheap and can pick up one of those penguin classic books for like 3 dollars. Cant beat that!..

      Although i’ve always found it a quirk with their service that instead of bulking a multiple book order, they seem to send each book in a separate package. Even though its free shipping. So i’d order like 10 books at once and be recieving many packages throughout the next week.

  • I purchased an e-book from them. I talked later with the author and publishing company and discovered that “The Book Depository” sold me an illegal, pirated copy of the authors work. I filed a dispute with Paypal, but they only seem interested in getting their cut of the money. I offered to send proof, but neither company was interested. Find a legal and legit company to give your money too!

  • The issue I had with “The Book Depository” has been fully resolved. I can recommend others to purchased from the Book Depository.

    If the moderator would like to remove my previous post, that would be fine.

  • I would like to know how Matthew resolved his issue with TBD. I tried for many months to recover a number of books paid for. No reply from the numerous attempts to contact them.Still, I live in hope..just oredered 10 more books!!

  • Folks,
    I came across this site when searching a reason why Book Depository prices (esp UK site) have increased dramatically in the last month. Amazons now seems cheaper. I have found in the past that BD were brilliant, I even got to keep a book free when the supplied item was a paper back instead of the hard cover. Perhaps they had a loss-leader policy before, now a different business model?

  • I’ve placed two orders with TBD. In the first they sent me the wrong book, which they fixed. In the second order, one of the books had substantial manufacturing defects, and the other never arrived. I had no luck with them in fixing either of these two problems, so I don’t think I’ll be back again. Amazon is more expensive, but I’ve never had a problem with them!

  • I also ordered some books from BookDepository for the first time on October 2010.
    At early November, and while my books never arrived, they said that a full refund of 137.5 euros will appear in my account shortly.
    Shortly became FOREVER, so at January 10 of 2011 after I managed to find aphone number of them at last(!!!),some representative called Lu reassured me that they would send a cheque shortly (AGAIN!).
    Then on February 17 after I wrote them that if I don’t get my cheque until the 25th, everyone on the web would hear my story, they replied that they would immediately contact their accounting department in order to send the cheque ….guess again….SHORTLY!
    I really hope they will clear my issue eventually and save me from 137.5 euros of expenditure, which -believe me- in Greece especially is a large amount of money!

  • Hey, I live in New Zealand, but use all the time. They are the cheapest place for me by far (usually) and their Customer Support is great.

    Earlier this year I bought a Kanji Dictionary for my Japanese course through them. When it arrived the parcel had been ripped opened by customs and not closed back up properly, so when it was delivered it managed to get a little wet from rain.
    I contacted BD CS and they refunded my half of the purchase price for the little bit of damage that wasn’t even their fault.

    After that I have begun using them a lot more and have had no other issues yet.

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