Take A Modified Staycation To Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds

The present economic troubles have made staycationing — vacationing from your house in your home town — a popular option for the cash-strapped. You can achieve the benefits of a staycation even when your hometown has gotten boring with this modification.

Over at the frugality blog SquawkFox they've put together a guide to taking a modified staycation:

If you've got even a little cash in your pocket, then perhaps it's time to leave town for what I call a "modified staycation" - a vacation where you pack your things and drive one town over to enjoy the sights and sounds of a neighbouring community. Daring to drive to the town, city or quaint village just a few miles away can afford you many vacation benefits without spending the big travel bucks.

By town hopping, instead of state or country hopping, you can keep your travel expenses in check and take in some of the sights close to home. You'll still incur some of the expense of more traditional travel, as oppose to a total home-base staycation, but they won't be as high and it'll feel more like a true vacation. Have a tip or trick for making the most of a staycation — modified or otherwise? — let's hear about it in the comments.

How to Build Your Own "Modified Staycation" Vacation Package [SquawkFox via WiseBread]


    Which is why most of the population of Maclean, NSW, holidays at Brooms Head, NSW. Ah, the good old days.

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