Sunday Last Day For Windows 7 RC, But Upgrading Is Easy

Sunday Last Day For Windows 7 RC, But Upgrading Is Easy

This Sunday is the last day users still running Windows 7 RC will be able to go about their everyday computing before Windows starts with the nagging and auto-rebooting. The annoying part is less that the Windows 7 RC period is ending (it was a great run!), but more that there’s no upgrade path for going from Windows 7 RC to Windows 7 proper.

Luckily we’ve already highlighted a simple step-by-step method that will allow you to upgrade from Windows 7 RC to the official Windows 7 release with minimal complications — so if you haven’t upgraded already, this weekend is the time to do it.


  • I spent six hours creating a bootable usb to downgrade my netbook back to the XP it came with last night. Despite using a windows XP OEM cd, the product key on the netbook didnt work.. so today im spending a couple of hours circumventing MS security to update a (now pirated) piece of software that I have a right to use. Just their way of saying “thankyou” I suppose.

  • The guide is fine if your going Windows 7 RC Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate retail. If not, the upgrade will fail. I went out and bought the Windows 7 Premium upgrade for $150 and then changed Windows 7 RC product ID’s to Premium in the registry (all the RC releases were Ultimate). You can Google the instructions for the registry change). The upgrade goes without a hitch!

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