Step Forward For Better Photos

There's almost no limit to what you can do to tinker with a photo after you've taken it, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't also pay attention while you're taking the shot. The simplest way to improve your photos? Get closer to what you're shooting.

Helen Bradley makes the point well on her photography blog:

If there is one technique most digital camera users can use today to instantly improve their photos it is to stand at least two or three steps closer to their subject. Most photographers stand too far away from their subjects so the subject ends up being very small relative to the rest of the photo.

If you're a regular photographer, this might seem obvious advice, but judging from most of the Flickr streams out there, it's not always advice that's followed.

Better Photos Tip #8 – Take 2 steps forward


    I refer to it as "Manual Zooming" :)

    The problem with that is that you then get a more warped perspective view of your subject, rather than an almost isometric one. I try to stand as far away as possible whilst at maximum optical zoom with the subject filling the shot, as it reduced the extremety of perspective lines whilst maintaining image quality and composition.

      Actually the "warped perspective" will depend on the lens you are using.

      Certainly this is common for many wide angle lenses, but if you stand as far back as possible and zoom in you are altering other aspects of the image such as depth of field available aperture etc.

      Regardless, who says that a warped perspective isn't a good thing?

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