Snag A Membership At Semi-Private BitTorrent Site Demonoid Today

BitTorrent tracker Demonoid was a popular choice in our recent comparison of the five best public BitTorrent trackers, but the catch with Demonoid is that — although it's a great public tracker &mdash ;it's only semi-public, meaning that the best Demonoid experience comes with an account. Registration for Demonoid is normally closed to new users, but today Demonoid's opened its gates to new users here. No idea how long it'll last, so grab one while they're hot. [via FreakBits]


    Aww, the registrations are closed again.

      Damn I missed it :(

    Don't worry guys you didn't miss anything. I tried TWICE yesterday morning to register for an account but I never got a confirmation email - inbox OR junkmail; Hotmail OR normal email address.

    I, on the other hand, did manage to register successfully (with a confirmation email and all).

    Yet, a couple of days later my username & email have disappeared from their system.

    I'm wondering if there are other users who managed to register and that their registration is still valid ?


    they are open again, go quick!!

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