Shop Ethical! Dobs In Your Dodgy Groceries

Worried about the provenance of those items in your shopping trolley? iPhone app Shop Ethical! lets you research the background of products before you buy them.

The data in the Australian-developed app comes from the Guide To Ethical Supermarket Shopping 2010, and includes background information on the companies behind 2,800 products, including their environmental and social policy records. It's a useful tool if you don't want your money going to companies with questionable practices.

Shop Ethical! runs on iPhone or iPod Touch, and costs $4.99. (Alas, ethical shopping rarely turns out to be the cheapest option.)

Shop Ethical!


    Good idea, and will no doubt sell well the pretentious mac fanboys.
    I’d like to see a version that show environmental impact, chemicals used and recyclability scored, then see how the iphone rates.

    Why don't you go ahead and do that research Ian? Unless you already know that the iPhone is worse than other phones?

    I think you'll probably find that Apple's recent environmental record is very good comparatively.

      @Mathew Patterson

      Some of this research has been done by Greenpeace and, as of 2009, Apple doesn't score very well compared to Nokia or Sony:

        As of 2010 they are doing a lot better :

        and are leading the way in the elimination of harmful chemicals from its product range.

        the key to ethical shopping is good - up to date - information.

    The price on iTunes appears to be $3.99.

    Still more than a dollar, but the motive "Your dollar is your vote - make it count" is laudable.

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