Reminder: Why It’s Worth Double-Checking Your Credit Card Bills

Reminder: Why It’s Worth Double-Checking Your Credit Card Bills

It’s easy to mindlessly pay off your monthly credit card bill without giving much attention to what you were charged for, but the Consumer Reports Money Blog reminds us why it’s still important to double-check your credit card bill before paying out:

Maybe I look like a sucker or like I have some disposable income that needs to be quickly disposed. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong or I committed some act to anger the God of Electronic Payments. Whatever the reason, in the last months two different merchants charged my credit card twice for the same purchase… And it illustrates why we all need to check those credit card statements carefully when they arrive and report any problems immediately.

[Consumer Reports Money Blog]


  • Also,

    When the checkout chick swipes your card and passes you back the handpiece to type in your pin, make sure the value reads what you expect it to.

    Just the other day she tried to add $100 cash out to my transaction without me noticing. At a glance it’s pretty easy to miss the extra digit going from $20.50 to $120.50.

    Joke’s on her though, even if I didn’t notice, it would have been rejected by my bank, my balance was less than $100 at the time!

      • While I wasn’t quick enough to refer to a manager at the time, I was back in the next day and asked another teller about it.

        Apparently it wasn’t possible to accidentaly charge me cash out; if I had asked for cash out, however, typing in the wrong thing would have been an easy enough mistake.

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