Recycle Wine Bottles Into Swanky Cups

Dropping off your bottles to be recycled is great and all, but with this DIY solution you'll be able to recycle them in-house into decorative cups and organisers.

Over at the design and DIY blog Curbly, user Plastolux admired the interesting colours of the various wine bottles that passed through his house. It seemed a waste to let such pretty bottles get shipped off to the recycling plant so he came up with a unique way of recycling them. He cut off the top of the bottle using a simple glass cutter designed for wine bottles and then got creative:

After I cut my first bottle I thought, how can I make these more unique? I have access to a sand blaster, so I had some lettering and shapes cut at my local vinyl shop and applied them. I had them blasted then remove the vinyl and I was left these beautiful raised translucent shapes. I really don't see these as drinking glasses but more for your bathroom toothbrush or a fancy pen holder. Someone suggested you could put a candle in them as well, I think that could look pretty cool with the more detailed designs.

For those of you without access to a sandblaster (check the phonebook) you can follow his tutorial but instead use glass etching cream from your local arts and crafts store. Check out the link below for a full tutorial including information about the cutter and more pictures of his neat designs.

How-To: Cutting Glass and Taking Names [via TipNut]


    I've tried to buy etching cream from the arts store, and apparently it's really hard to get a hold of because it's an acid! Arts shops in Australia don't sell it.

      titanium geek - try bunnings - I got some there a while back (as in a few years).

    the simple things truly are the best, nice work

    Great sandblaster idea! Where did you get the glass cutter from? I like the level of control in this one (, but I want to be able to cut glasses to different heights like you did. (I live in Aus.)

    Aya, try a local glazier. I wouldn't bother buying the equipment for a few bottles. My local glass-cutting shop offer a great service, they will custom-cut glass for table-tops and so on. (They'll also grind down the lip of a chipped vase or wine glass, because no one wants to throw away Waterford Glass.)

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