Printable Sudoku Template Helps Solve Those Puzzles

Printable Sudoku Template Helps Solve Those Puzzles

Addicted to sudoku? A handy Excel template makes it easier to track your working for more complex versions of the globe-straddling number puzzle.
Yeah, we know — doing a sudoku is hardly productive. On the other hand, getting to a solution quicker might just get you back to work. Just open the template, copy the numbers over from the puzzle and use the small squares to track possibilities.

You could also print the template for paper working if your preferred Sudoku provider doesn’t offer enough room. The template is free to download, requires Excel 2007. (As ever, Firefox users have to go through hoops to download templates from Microsoft’s site. Thanks, Redmond.)

Sudoku Game Helper Template [via Template Du Jour]


  • I just put dots in the corners of each box to show what it can be, so say a box that can be 3 and 8, will have a dot in the top right and the bottom middle. Take that, templates…

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