Posted Tracks Deliveries On Your iPhone

Want to track a package you've sent via the post office or a courier? Posted lets you track where your parcel is on your iPhone.

To locate your goods, just enter the tracking number supplied by the carrier. Supported carriers include Australia Post, Australian Air Express, Fastway, Interparcel, SmartSend, TNT and TransDirect. While you could perform that via the sites for those companies, the app presents a more iPhone-friendly interface. Posted is available in a free version featuring advertising, linked below; the full $2.49 release lets you track more than one package and drops the ads. If you give either a try, send us your impressions in the comments.



    You may be suprised that Australia Post only logs packages when they have arrived at the destination post office, not along the way . For instance a package sent registered post from Sydney to Alice Springs goes via a number of postal centres and different modes of transport in the journey by road. It is only scanned when it makes it to Alice Springs, just before it is delivered to your address. Essentially it is not tracked at all!

    FYI - an update which includes DHL International and TNT Express International has just been approved by Apple and will be on the App Store in the next couple hours.

    Thanks for the coverage Angus.

    I have used this & it tracked a parcel for me Seamlessly.

    Great for Australian iphone users & great interface - well done. Another app that makes the iphone more useful.

    With regard to the first post, the parcel I received was with Australia Post and it told me when it was Accepted, Processed, arrived at local parcel hub, Onboard with driver & then delivered, so i'm not too much concerned that it missed some locations on the way.

    Get this app!

    Yeah, this app worked perfectly for me. I was tracking some registered mail. As the above comment states, it updated me at all major status change locations and finally the exact time it was delivered.

    Great for ebay etc...

    Recommended by me to anyone who likes to shop online.

    @posted that's rad news about the international stuff. I've got some totally sano bmx parts on their way to me via DHL. I'll have to test it out.

    Excellent program, I use most of the above carriers and when I am on the road I will be able to check courier and freight status for my customers brilliant

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