PDFMyURL Saves Websites As PDF Files

PDFMyURL Saves Websites As PDF Files

Saving something as a PDF file is a great way to preserve it for future reference or for sharing with others, without risking the site changing before you look at it again. PDFMyURL makes it easy to convert sites to PDF.

Point PDFMyURL at a website URL and it will convert the site into a PDF document. Not only can you do a simple conversion just by plugging in a URL but you can also modify the PDF with a wide variety of flags — see the advanced menu for a full list — that let you set the page orientation and size, header information, print orientation and more. PDFMyURL also has a bookmarklet you can drag to your toolbar for easy access to the PDF creation service.

PDFMyURL is a free service and doesn’t watermark or otherwise alter the site you are converting to PDF. Have a favourite tool for PDF conversion or a bookmarklet that makes life easier? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

PDFMyURL [via GeekSugar]


  • This site looks like it is using wkhtmltopdf for the backend for anyone interested.

    I like the idea of printing a site to pdf but in many cases I need content that is on more than just one page in the site. For that I use two command line programs html2ps and ps2pdf. The first recursively converts the site to postscript, and the second converts the postscript to pdf.

    html2ps -W b -o file.ps http://www.example.com/subsection/ && ps2pdf file.ps file.pdf

    Refer to the man page for the various options. The output basically ignores the style used on the site but the content is all there, all nicely linked together with bookmarks that work in adobe reader, foxit and sumatra.

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