Opera Will Submit Mini Browser To iPhone App Store Next Week

Opera Will Submit Mini Browser To iPhone App Store Next Week

Browser maker Opera plans to introduce an iPhone version of its Mini browser to the App Store next week, promising “six times faster download speeds” and “10 times smaller data traffic” than with mobile Safari. Now all that remains is, well, approval.

Those speed and bandwidth boosts most likely come from the server-side compression that Mini incorporates, though that could be a blessing for international travellers faced with monstrous roaming data fees. No word yet on which way Apple will go on Opera Mini — they’ve previously let a few in before, but mostly from smaller-name firms that piggyback off Safari’s own rendering engine.

Mini, on the other hand, has its own full-page rendering engine, and features like tabbed browsing, Speed Dial, desktop syncing,and much more. It would be great to see Apple allow some browser innovation into the iPhone, but we can’t say we’d bet on it.

Norway’s Opera to introduce browser for iPhone [Yahoo! News]


  • Of course, if it is knocked back they will take apple to the EU claiming unfair competition, forcing apple to release a version of the iPhone software with no Safari in it. They will then continue to pursue it so that why you first start up you get a choice of what browser you would like to install.

    • You seem to have misinterpreted the EU case against Microsoft.

      The claim wasn’t “unfair competition”, it was that Microsoft violated European competition law.

      The EC then found Microsoft guilty of that.

      Microsoft then said they would remove IE, but the EC did not accept.

      Then Microsoft proposed the ballot, and the EC accepted.

      Nowhere in this did Opera have any power to force Microsoft do do anything. It was Microsoft’s suggestion to do the browser ballot.

      Opera didn’t continue to pursue anything. All they did was to file the initial complaint.

  • Of course Apple will knock it back. Apple knows that Opera is vastly superior to Safari, so if Opera becomes available everyone stops using Safari. By knocking it back then more people will continue to believe the Apple lie that they make the best software. If you make the best software you allow all your competitors so you can prove it to people that you do. You don’t stop anyone else from using that software. You don’t see Microsoft or Google blocking anyone from running competitor applications on their platforms, because they think they’re the best. Apple knows that they aren’t the best, so aren’t going to risk it.

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