OpenOffice 3.2 Improves Startup Times, Office 2007 Compatibility

OpenOffice 3.2 Improves Startup Times, Office 2007 Compatibility

Windows/Mac/Linux: The latest version of, the free and open-source office suite, improves startup times by over 40 per cent (by some tests), improves importing and support for password-protected and 2007 office files, and improves many areas of the Calc spreadsheet.

You can check out the full feature list at, but the majority is nitty-gritty stuff. That said, the Calc tool seems to have picked up quite a few improvements and compatibility features, including support for “complex” (multi-row or column) copy and paste, pivot table importing, cell sorting and merging, and much more.

Importing Office 2007-formatted files seems to have gotten lots of attention in this release as well, and password-protected files can successfully be loaded, provided you’ve got the password. If you’re an fan and see something new and great, share it in the comments. 3.2 is a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Downloads


  • Yes it does, but it’s support can be a little dodgy at times.

    Office is still the better choice for students and business in my opinion, especially given the deals Microsoft offer students.

    • Why is MS Office the better choice for students?

      Openoffice got me through university without any problems. I wrote my thesis using Openoffice. Now I work in research and the majority of people I work with use Openoffice and latex ( for publications ). And the ones who use MS Office will ( eventually ) switch to Openoffice and latex.

      Compatibility is not really an issue unless you work with documents that use complex macros. We have one person who runs openoffice on linux and another who runs ms office on windows and they send research documents back and forth ( with comments / changes / etc ) without any dramas.

      So I don’t really see what makes MS Office a better option for students.

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