No Kindle BlackBerry App For Aussies

No Kindle BlackBerry App For Aussies

Apparently releasing the Kindle in Australia doesn’t really mean squat when it comes to extra device support. Official BlackBerry software for the Kindle has just made its debut, but international customers get that oh-so-familiar message: “Non-US customers: Kindle for BlackBerry is not currently available.”

There were similar issues when the iPhone Kindle app was released a year ago, but at that time you couldn’t officially buy a Kindle in Australia anyway. Now that you can, making the international Kindle less useful seems like a stupid move, especially when there’s a mammothly-hyped rival from Apple about to hit the stage.


  • unfortunately yet another reason to move to the iphone 🙁 I love my BB, but Apple have the business model down pat and very quickly gaining market share over RIM.

    The amount and quality of apps for the iPhone far exceeds those for the BB, and that’s where RIM is going to fail, we still can’t get paid apps from the official BB apps store here in Australia!

  • Actually the people you want to blame are the Australian publishing industry. They are blocking sales of ebooks in Australia (eg “Under the Dome”) to ensure they take a piece of the paper book sales.

    It’s not too hard to defeat the protection anyway, especially if your blackberry is proxying all it’s connections back to RIM in Canada anyway.

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