Multitouch Update Comes To Nexus One Phones

It isn't officially available in Australia, but we figured you'd want to know anyway for future reference: Nexus One users are getting an over-the-air update on their phones, starting today, that will bring multi-touch, pinch-to-zoom functionality to the device.

The much-loved multi-touch gestures of the iPhone have been the envy of Android users in the past, so a hack-free version of the same is very welcome. The update also includes previously mentioned Google Goggles and an update to Google Maps Navigation, including an driver-friendly night mode. Last but not least, the update should improve 3G connectivity on some phones. If you've gone the Nexus One import route, it'll be interesting to see if the update comes through; let us know in the comments.

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    yep i have one and got the update today works a charm, embarresses the iphone to be honest...much quicker and snappier unit.


    Are you living in Australia?

    Got my OTA update first thing in the am.

    It is an imported phone and yes, I am in Australia.

    What network are you using the phone on?? How are the 3G speeds?? I'm thinking of importing one but Telstra is the only network that has good reception in my bedroom, but I've read that it won't work with Telstra's 3G frequency or whatever... Let me know??!

    I'd be keen to hear how you got one imported as well .. care to elaborate in the comments here? How much did it end up setting you back in total? Did you manage to avoid paying import duties?

    well, from what ive seen i would love to get my hands on it, it looks so bloody cool, is there a way to import it to australia officially from google rather than getting waiting for it to come out here

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