More Supermarkets Join The Anti-Restrictive-Leasing Brigade

Last September, we noted that the end of restrictive leasing practices by Woolworths and Coles could lead to increased competition by supermarkets. The ACCC has now negotiated similar deals with Aldi, Foodworks, Franklins and Metcash, which should eventually have a useful cost-reducing effect (and give you more supermarket choices at your local centre). [ACCC]


    It won't do a thing. The locations just don't exist for substantial direct competition. Think about your nearest Coles or Woolworths - does the space exist for either to move in as a competitor? No, didn't think so.

    I should imagine that overseas retailers such as Tesco will receive this announcement with interest.

      Tesco will never enter the Australian market.

        Yeah, Coles is Tesco in Australia.. They hired half their senior management a few years back!

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