Microsoft Eying Antipiracy Update For Windows 7


Microsoft is working on an update to Windows 7 that will close a number of the loopholes Win7 pirates are using to avoid activation, according to CNET. The update is slated for later this month and “closes more than 70 ‘activation hacks,’ according to Joe Williams, general manager of Microsoft’s Genuine Windows unit.” [CNET]


  • How do you think Windows keeps such a massive market dominance? By ‘allowing’ people to use non-genuine windows.
    Thats why Im guessing its an ‘optional’ patch.

    MS have never been very enforcing about pirated copies of windows.

  • @warcroft
    That’s a completely illogical argument for Windows market share. Mac OS has no piracy protection at all, no activation, not even a cd-key. And as for Linux, obviously there are no piracy protection.

    • OSX is made to only work on Apple products.
      Linux is opensource and is still out of the realm of the standard PC user.

      Thats why PC and Linux combined only hold something like %15 market share.

      If MS start locking down their OS its going to encourage users to other platforms.

  • The reason it’s an optional patch is a lawsuit the Microsoft lost that requires them to allow users complete knowledge and control of what is being installed onto their operating system/computer.

    As such Microsoft cannot force you to use the system, but that’s where the Windows Genuine Advantage program comes in. If you aren’t running Genuine Windows, you can’t use some Microsoft programs..

  • And now that the pirates know this, they just won’t install the update. I don’t see how this will really fix the problem, they might get the few users that have set it to automatically update but I think the majority of users with pirate copies already have that turned off.

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