Microsoft Competition Offers Free Rent To Windows 7-Loving Students

Microsoft Competition Offers Free Rent To Windows 7-Loving Students

Pimping out your Facebook presence to say how great Windows 7 is sounds way cheesy, doesn’t it? But the thought of $42,000 in rent and five free PCs and phones could make it very tempting if you’re on a skimpy student budget.

The ‘Student House’ promotion officially kicks off on Monday February 22, but the site has already gone live. The short version: the contest is open to uni and TAFE students. You have to remain a fan of the ‘Student House’ Facebook app application for the duration of the promotion, and post a Facebook entry to “document the benefits of Windows 7 in any form that is permitted to be uploaded to, or created in, Facebook”. I see a lot of bad videos coming on before Microsoft picks a winner in April.

The winning entry gets up to $1,500 a week in rent paid for seven months from May, along with bond money, 5 Dell laptops (it’s meant to be a share house), 5 HTC phones, one XBox and assorted other bits and pieces. The terms and conditions are massively extensive — unsurprisingly, you have to agree to be photographed by Microsoft enjoying your new abode in all its Windows 7-bedecked glory — so check ’em carefully if you fancy having a crack at the cash.

Tempted? Appalled? Think Google Buzz should have done it first? Tell us in the comments. Thanks Alan!

The Student House


  • Is there a press release or official site hosted by Microsoft to confirm this promotion?

    I’m very wary of any “Free Things!” pages on facebook. Especially when there is no mention of this promotion anywhere outside of this page. I’m particularly dubious that there is no mention of it at all on the Microsoft site. I would think they would be milking a promotion like this for all the PR it’s worth …

    Sorry for sounding so paranoid, but facebook is littered with scam pages. There are 80+ “Free iPad!” scam pages alone.

    • I’m all for cyncism, but I doubt that a fake app developer would have terms and conditions quite as detailed and accurate as that.

      On a personal level, I can see that a bunch of Microsoft staffers (including one of their senior education program guys) and PRs are fans, which I seriously doubt would happen with a fake promo.

      The PR point is valid, but I’d expect activity to become more pronounced once the promotion is live, which isn’t until next week.

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