ManageTwitter Helps You Sort Your Followers

Among Twitter's biggest web interface flaws is the lack of tools to properly organise followers. ManageTwitter helps you track who's watching you and adjust your own follower lists.

Once you sign into the app, you can view followers in a number of categories, including inactive (no posts for 30 days) and talkative (more than five posts a day, something I'm certainly guilty of), and automatically unfollow everyone in that category. There's a search feature which restricts results to your followers, useful if you remember someone saying something recently but don't want to go wading through lots of irrelevant posts.

You can also see a list of people you are following who aren't following you back, though I'd argue that isn't necessarily a problem unless your only reason to use Twitter is to get as many followers as possible. ManageTwitter is free to use, and (like virtually all Twitter apps) requires you to sign in using your Twitter account.



    Thanks for the post. We went through quite a few iterations getting an interface that makes it easy to manage people quickly. Suggestions for improvements are welcome!

    BTW there's no link in the post it's


      Hi James,

      Couldn't find a feedback form on the site! But thought I'd add my comments - great tool! I've been looking for something like this for some time ... and followcost et al don't quite get it.

      A couple of suggestions for future releases - would be handy to be able to sort by tweets per day. It would also be fantastic to differentiate between @replies and non-replies in the tweets per day.

      Thanks for the great tool!

    nice one, i will have to check it out!

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