Make The Slimmer Facebook Lite Your Default Facebook View

Facebook Lite is a streamlined, usually faster-loading version of the social network all your old friends from school are using. If you like how it rolls, you can make it your default view for whenever you visit from any browser or link.

Head to Facebook Lite, hit the Settings icon to the left of the search bar, and select the "Default" category, where you'll get options similar to those shown above to customise how things look when you log in. If you need to access something in the full-fledged Facebook, don't worry — there's always a link in the upper-right corner.



    Thanks Kevin! I hate all my friends joining random groups and becoming fans of pointless junk! It really ruins facebook for me, but this changes everything!!

    It's a shame that with the amount of groups people are joining, they (faebook) have removed the ability to filter content in the live stream.

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