Make It So Competition Promises To Realise Your Idea

Got a great idea but lack the technical clout to make it a reality? Engineers Australia's Make It So competition gives you an opportunity to submit an idea and have it actually realised by real-life engineers.

Picture from Wikimedia Commons

Some of the sample ideas on the site are exceptionally unlikely to happen (the ability to teleport anywhere) but others seem a tad more realistic (a lawn-mower version of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner). As well as the winner with the most original idea actually seeing the concept "made so", as an added incentive to participate, there's a bunch of Eee PCs being given away to the most popular submission each week. If you're bursting with ideas but lack the skills needed to get a prototype up and an application form completed for The New Inventors, this could be worth a shot.

Make It So


    Shouldn't you have a picture of Jean Luc Picard rather than the Tardis?

    I have to agree with Sydney2K there... even though I love the TARDIS

    I had a great idea: create an app that allows people to automatically donate the unused portion of your mobile phone cap each month to charity.
    Vote for the idea, and help to make it so!

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