Make Images 3D Sans Goofy Glasses

Make Images 3D Sans Goofy Glasses

3D pictures are interesting, but they rely on glasses that alter the way your left and right eye perceive images. This cool 3D image-creation technique doesn’t require glasses but still produces a 3D illusion.

Click on the above image to see the animation effect.

Instead of taking two images and combining them into one with each image highlighted in red and blue — or cyan and magenta, or any other colour used for anaglyph images — the two images are animated and “wiggle” back and forth, which creates the illusion of depth.

All you need to make an wiggle-stereoscopic image is two pictures taken from one location roughly four inches apart or so to mimic the positioning of the human eyes. You can combine the images in one of two ways. The most traditional way would be to make an animated GIF — check out previously reviewed GifNinja — although at the link below they show you how to use Javascript and two JPEG images to do it.

Have your own experience creating stereoscopic or other 3D images? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

Wiggle Stereoscopy [via Geek Are Sexy]


  • You can get the same effect by juxtaposing the two frames of that gif and crossing your eyes, much like the magic eye pictures.
    It makes you look like a crazy person, and your eyes hurt after a while, but it’s still very convincing when done properly.

  • That’s really cool. Would it still work if you increased the FPS, say to above 25 which is, I believe, what the human eye can distinguish? If it does, could it be implemented into 3D TV/Movies?

  • This is what I don’t get – why aren’t they doing this now? Why do you need active shutter glasses switching on and off when, surely, flickering the images like this back and forth gives the same effect? Or does it not work for moving pictures?

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