Make A DIY Touchscreen Stylus From Anti-Static Bags

We've seen all kinds of touchscreen solutions for when fingers don't suit. A mobile-centered blog suggests an anti-static bag can also make the touch-sensitive grade. demonstrates how a rolled-up anti-static bag, the kind that hardware geeks often accumulate over time, can fit the bill on a Zune HD, and presumably other phones, as well. I gave it a go using a small bag from a MintyBoost kit and a Nexus One, but didn't have much luck—then again, it didn't look like the kind of full-fledged static bag I remember from my PCI card memories.

You'd probably want to arrange your anti-static material such that a hard edge wasn't swiping and scratching your screen, but it's a good starting point for making your own convenient stylus that also makes for a neat talking point.

How To Make A Free Capacitive Stylus []


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