Make A DIY Felted Soap Bar

Make A DIY Felted Soap Bar

If you’re looking to give your home a little boutique flair — DIY felted soap bars are surprisingly easy to make.

If you’ve never heard of felted soap, it’s a pretty neat concept. You take a bar of soap and wrap it in some unspun wool and wet it, massaging — felting actually! — the wool around the bar of soap until it has taken on the shape of the bar. After that you rinse it off with hot water and let it dry.

The result is like a self-lathering and self-cleaning washcloth perfect for washing your hands or tossing in the shower. If you choose a really nice soap and some wool dyed to match the bathroom of the recipient it makes for a crafty gift without the “Uhhh thanks?” DIY gifts are sometimes received with.

Check out the full guide, complete with great pictures, at the link below. If you’ve got a favourite tutorial or trick for replicating swanky boutique finds through DIY magic, let’s hear about it in the comments.

DIY: Felted Soap [Wit & Whistle]


  • If I threw some bars of soap under my bed and let them wrap themselves in dog hair I could probably get boutique felted soap with very little effort.

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