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You wanted Google set up just right, you wanted easy iPhone streaming and you wanted to remind Lifehacker's editor that online apps are often limited by bandwidth caps. Kick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn't miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

  • Basic Netiquette For Email Lists And Forums
    Email lists and forums are a great way to connect with people with similar interests, but they can seem scary to new participants, and saying the wrong thing can bring torrents of abuse raining down on you. Here’s the basics you should remember.
  • Top 10 Google Settings You Should Know About As the outcry over Google Buzz's privacy has shown us, it's smart to explore settings in Gmail, along with other places you're sharing data with the search giant. Let's take a look at 10 privacy, convenience, and annoyance fixers you should know.
  • Air Video Streams Your Videos To Your iPhone With Minimal Effort (iPhone/iPod touch) Windows/Mac + iPhone/iPod touch: Not only do videos take up a ton of space on space-constrained devices, but converting videos for the iPhone gets painful quickly. Air Video streams videos straight to your iPhone, converting them on-the-fly if they're incompatible.
  • Ask Lifehacker: Sending My PC To Sleep
    Dear Lifehacker, I am 18 and I have developed a bad habit of staying up late. I’m looking to get out of it and I was wondering if there was a program out there that would dim the screen so the bright screen and lights wouldn’t keep me up all night? Yours sincerely, Can’t Sleep
  • Make Images 3D sans Goofy Glasses 3D pictures are interesting, but they rely on glasses that alter the way your left and right eye perceive images. This cool 3D image-creation technique doesn't require glasses but still produces a 3D illusion.
  • Sweet Home 3D Models Your Home, Rearranges Your Furniture (Windows/Mac/Linux) Windows/Mac/Linux: Next time you get the urge to rearrange your furniture, don't strain your back randomly shoving your sofa around the room. Download Sweet Home 3D and do the heavy lifting on your computer screen before moving a stick of furniture.
  • Nobody Wants A Fixed-Rate Mortgage
    There’s a dizzying range of mortgage options for home buyers these days, but in one area it seems we’ve already made up our mind: nobody wants a fixed-rate home loan.
  • What's The Easiest Way To Share Large Files With Friends? When you want to to share music, movies, photos or other files online, you've got countless options. We've examined most, and for our money, one tool emerges on top of the heap for its ease of use, wide support, and all-around excellence.
  • SelfImage Creates Backups Of In-Use And Non-Windows Disks (Windows) Backing up just your data is better than no backup at all, but creating a complete disk image allows you to restore not just your data but your entire operating system and all your settings. SelfImage can help.
  • Australians Not Using Dropbox Enough
    Dropbox is an awesome tool for accessing and syncing files online, but according to the Dropbox blog, Australia doesn’t even rank amongst the top 10 countries using the service.
  • Five Best Netbook Operating Systems Netbooks-the low-power and lightweight mini-notebooks that have surged in popularity-practically beg for some tweaking and customisation to increase the functionality of their diminutive screens and relatively wimpy processors. Find yourself the perfect netbook operating system from this fine selection.
  • Full Screen Weather Is A Giant, No-Frills Weather Map We've always liked Weather Underground for its no-nonsense, real-time weather info. Today they've released a new service called Full Screen Weather that mashes up Google Maps with weather data for nothing but maps and up-to-the-minute weather info.
  • Double Explorer Adds Dual-Pane File Browsing To Windows (Windows) Replacement file manager Double Explorer adds tabbed browsing and a dual-pane view for navigating your files, but unlike a full replacement application, it embeds a normal Windows Explorer screen into each pane.
  • Is A Dead Simple But Very Attractive Start Page Start pages are a dime a dozen, but considering how many times you open a new tab every day, it's nice to have something attractive to look at. Web site is a minimal start page that's easy on the eyes.
  • Choose Wisely Lets You Select Your Default Browser On A Per-Link Basis (Mac OS X) If you want to be able to select your "default" browser on a link-by-link basis, directing some links to Firefox, others to Chrome, and so on, Choose Wisely allows you to do so.
  • Adjust Your Car Mirrors To Fully Cover Your Blind Spots The way most drivers, and car makers, keep their side mirrors doesn't actually cover the blind spot outside the driver's vision. Car and Driver illustrates a car mirror setup that, once you get used to it, could prevent lane change freak-outs.
  • Belvedere 0.5 Update Automates Recycle Bin Management, File Compression (Windows) Our very own automated file-management utility, Belvedere, has jumped up to a 0.5 release today. It's packed with new features, code improvements, and bug fixes, and it's overflowing with Lifehacker love.
  • Which Social Network Is Right For You? Between Twitter, Facebook and Google's new social networking tool, Buzz, it's hard to turn a corner without running into another social network. But how do you know which networking tool fits you best? We're here-with big charts and all-to help.
  • Back4Sure Makes Quick Work Of Backing Up Files To A USB Drive (Windows) Nothing beats a full-on system backup for making sure you've got duplicates of all your important stuff. Free utility Back4Sure is a simple but powerful tool for quickly, incrementally backing up important files to external drives from anywhere.


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