KISS Drummer: Travel Planning Saves Money

KISS Drummer: Travel Planning Saves Money

Organising your travel plans months in advance might not sound very rock and roll, but that’s the approach advocated by Eric Singer, drummer for legendary rock band KISS.

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Singer — who has played with KISS since 1991 and worn the Catman makeup originated by Peter Criss since 2003 — is a big believer in the importance of advance planning as a means of saving cash.

When you go to do a tour in Europe or overseas, even though it seems far away, you got to start doing all this stuff way early. Because if you wait to the last minute, sometimes you run into problems and then you realize it ends up costing you a lot of money if you wait too long. If you do stuff way in advance, you don’t get hit with cartage and shipping. Let me tell you, you can cut your costs in half by just doing things early.

It’s a point we’ve made at Lifehacker before, but one always worth remembering even if you don’t have to ship a drum kit halfway across the globe.

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