iTunes Provides Browser-Based iPhone App Previews

iTunes Provides Browser-Based iPhone App Previews

iTunes is letting more of its content out onto the open web these days, offering up song previews and, just recently, iPhone/iPod app details.

You can check out screenshots, reviews, pricing and most of the other details you’d get inside iTunes from your browser now when you click on a direct app link. Not every direct app link worked in a quick morning test, but over time, expect far fewer grumbles from those who don’t have iTunes installed but want to see just a few things inside Apple’s walled garden.



  • iTunes is a STEAMING pile of FAIL. iPod/iPhone ownership is like dating the hot sexy girl, but her fat, lazy, slow and ugly sister has to tag along on all your dates too.

    Anything that lets me use iTunes less is a win in my book.

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