How To Separate Stuck Drinking Glasses

If you dumped all your glassware into a sink full of water last night and went to bed, you might find some of the glasses nested tightly together the next morning. Here's how to get them unstuck without breakage.

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DIY Life's Diane Rixon recommends first drizzling some vegetable oil or dish soap in between the two drinking glasses and wiggling gently to see if they'll pop apart. If that doesn't work, try a hot and cold one-two punch:

Hot water and ice water. Submerge the bottom glass or bowl in very hot (but not boiling) water. Fill the uppermost glass or bowl with ice water. Presto! The simultaneous expansion and contraction of the layers should unstick even the most stubborn glassware.

Check out the post for more ideas on how to release stuck glassware. What morning-after cleaning hassles have you encountered after hosting a bash? Share them — and your best cleaning tips — in the comments.

The Daily Fix: How to Separate Stuck Glassware [DIY Life]


    For other glass-glass tribological issues, you can also use almond oil (an old trick of antique restorers). Great for removing the stuck stopper of a wine decanter, etc.

    That doesn't always work, because the glass might be too thick and the temperatures not extreme enough for the glasses to change size.

    I tried this with thick scotch glasses, and managed to get glass in my hand. I would suggest leaving them stuck together!

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