How To Go Google-Free On The Web

How To Go Google-Free On The Web

Last year, Gina switched to Yahoo for her search because she felt Google already had enough of her data. Over at our gadget-obsessed sibling site Gizmodo, blogger John Herrman took things a little further, ditching all of Google’s apps. He explains:

You don’t have to be ready to commit to a full overhaul of your online lifestyle to understand why someone might want to yank their data from Google’s servers, and hand it off to someone else: You’ve got Google’s CEO deafly rehashing fallacious arguments about privacy – “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place” – and hesitating on a drawback; you’ve got contextual advertising that seems just a little too closely tuned to that sexxxy love letter your girlfriend sent you while you were on that business trip; you’ve got that violently insane ex husband who now knows where you are because of Google’s clumsy Buzz rollout. Most of all, you’ve got reasons, and you’re ready for change.

Herman walks through some of Google’s most popular offerings, then proposes switching to what he considers to be the best alternative to each. He suggests using Bing instead of Google search, Yahoo Mail instead of Gmail (he even details how to get all your email out of Gmail first), Windows Live Calendar rather than GCal, Flickr over Picasa, and Zoho instead of Google Docs. (That is, most of the runner-up favourites in each category.)

Hit up the full post for more details, then let us know whether you’d consider dropping Google to enjoy a little less data monopoly in the comments.

How To: Escape From Google’s Clutches, Once and For All [Gizmodo]


  • Huh?
    You saying that Bing and yahoo don’t collect personal data???
    And Yahoo mail in Australia is so full of adverts that I need to brew some coffe while I wait for it to load.
    Windows Live is full of intrusive colour ads with SOUND
    This is just blind anti Google stupidity

    • Dave did you even read the article? It’s not about providing personal information, it’s about one company having all your data.

      Personally I think Google have superior apps so will stick with them.

    • If you paid the yearly $20, you wouldn’t have to worry about the ads. Plus YahooMail is more reliable than either Gmail or Hotmail. The only real prob’ I have with YM is it can’t be used in Opera.

  • Wasn’t there a article about a week ago of Gina using Google Aps? And with moving searches to Yahoo, this just means two large organisations will get your data, and with the Yahoo/Microsoft Merge, it means 3? I’d prefer if one organisation has it only

  • I guess the Gizmodo author did not read Gina post when he suggest Bing over Google as she clearly state that Microsoft kept your search log for 18 months vs Google’s 9 months.

  • However google is doing things they keep putting out better and better products.

    So what should I use instead of iGoogle? Yahoo is US centered to the point of idiocy. I don’t care about the NLF, stop showing me pop ups of it!
    How about in place of Google Translate? Something that doesn’t come in a toolbar full of shit i don’t want and does webpages as well?
    What other browser is as easy to use as Chrome ? I switched from firefox last year and I haven’t looked back.

    Maybe I haven’t reached a point in my life when i need to hide things but I don’t see what I have to hide. Plus, I assume that the internet is monitored and conversations can be listened to at will.

    How about facebook? The big “hate to” target before google was facebook. Just because they ask you a million time if you want them to have your info, doesn’t mean they improved anything. Not like u have a choice of using facebook and keeping ur privacy.
    How about microsoft? They turned so good out of a sudden cause they totally dropped under the radar. Yeah, right. Wake up! Apple of Microsoft have all of your data, you just accessed this page with their system.

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