How Google Buzz Can Chew Up Picasa Albums

How Google Buzz Can Chew Up Picasa Albums

Another twist in the Picasa album limits saga, and another potential issue with Google Buzz: sharing photos via Google’s social networking service eats into your Picasa album count.

We noted earlier this month that Picasa had a limit of 1,000 albums for paid storage customers, and 250 for its free service. Google Operating System points out that whenever you upload photos via Buzz, they’re added to a new album: another way your count could diminish quite rapidly. It’s not exactly a deal-breaker, but it does add to the growing sense that Google Buzz hasn’t quite got all the kinks ironed out.

Google Buzz’s Inefficient Photo Uploader [Google Operating System]


  • Preferred 3 prior to this 3.6 version. It ate up my photos and could not get them back to send them email to friends and family. I’ve attempted a couple of times to remove and reinstall program but with no success in getting it to work as it should. Also the people feature consumes too much time to upload, my opinion it’s an added waste of space used. Recently I just uninstalled the program and chose not to re download the program as it messed up my PC basically it didnt like my system. That’s it so are my complaints.

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