Hack Your Dog’s Mind With Law & Order

Hack Your Dog’s Mind With Law & Order

Everyone knows dogs don’t like high-pitched sounds. It turns out they also have a weird relationship with the theme tune for Law & Order.

TV Tonight has a compilation of YouTube clips which show dogs howling along to the theme tune to the long-running crime series. I can’t say it’s a foolproof tactic — the two dogs I tried playing the music to were entirely indifferent — but it’s got to be tempting to test against your own hound.

Why do dogs hate Law & Order so much? [TV Tonight]


  • Reminds me of a song for dogs that was released in Zew Zealand a couple of years back.

    “A Very Silent Night” was a song that was recorded at a frequency only dogs can hear. It was a hit during Christmas.
    Numerous pet owners loved the song but got mixed responses from their dogs, ranging to violently attacking the radio to doing exactly nothing.

    Sample here:

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