Grill A Perfect Grilled-Cheese Sandwich

If your grilled-cheese sandwiches never achieve that perfect golden grill and instead end up a shade too far into burn-marshmallow territory, a simple tweak or two can make your sandwich perfect.

Over at the baby and kid-centric blog OhDeeDoh, they put together a tutorial to help a friend of theirs whose finicky three-year old will reject any grilled-cheese sandwich with even a hint of burnt bits on it. The tutorial is focused on grilling a perfect golden crust, char free, gooey cheese sandwich.

The two critical components of the perfect-sandwich grilling process are a pastry brush and a lid for the pan. The pastry brush is a perfect tool for brushing melted butter onto both sides of the sandwich to get an even coating for a more even and consistent browning — not burning! — and lid helps retain heat in the pan so the cheese will melt before the bread starts to burn.

If you don't have a pastry brush on hand — I don't! — it looks like a silicone sauce brush used for grilling would do the trick too. Have a tip or two for making a great sandwich? Let's hear about it in the comments.

How-To Make a Perfect Grilled Cheese Every Time [OhDeeDoh]


    I thought Grilled-cheese sandwiches were actually grilled, not fried? Hence the name...

    I'm pretty certain using a sandwich press, even a cheap one will achieve the same results, probably easier.

    I might be missing something though?

    Grilled is different to pan fried.

    The method above is not grilled.

    I could be wrong, but personally looking at the photo, the so-called grilled sandwich is a bit soggy. The problem is with the described melted butter pan-frying method.

    A "perfect" grilled cheese sandwich is not soggy on the exterior of the sandwich quite interior is moist melted cheese.

    Wow, way to miss the point of the article guys. The fact is that a pastry brush gets a nice even spread, and that sandwich looks delicious. Seems there exist even grilled-cheese elitists

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