Grab NovaPDF Printer Free, Normally $US20

NovaPDF creates a "printer" that exports any web page, document or anything else print-able to a PDF file, and can pull some neat tricks like appending to an existing PDF. Through the Digital Inspiration blog, you can grab a "Lite" copy free.

NovaPDF is certainly far from alone in offering a print-to-PDF tool for Windows, as we've looked at similar solutions from, for example, using PDFCreator. NovaPDF offers a pretty intriguing option to append your PDF printing to previous PDFs, though, which can be really helpful for compiling reports and gathering web research. The PDFs it puts out also have embedded fonts for universal looks, and you can customise the metadata on them before printing. From a quick test, it seems to install and work fairly cleanly, right from the get-go.

The oft-linked Digital Inspiration blog explains how to grab and register a copy of NovaPDF Lite 7.0 free, using a link specific to that blog, one we assume won't stick around forever. Neat, free stuff, and it's a download for Windows systems only.

Free PDF Printer Driver for Digital Inspiration Readers [Digital Inspiration]


    Alternatively, get CutePDF (including Ghostscript). It doesn't append to PDF, but it is free, has been around for ages, works on at least XP and 7.

    Thanks for the heads up.
    I've used CutePDF for a long time and it does all i need EXCEPT being able to combine/append to existing PDF's. Now I've got that too :-)

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