Google Maps Not So Good At Dodging Toll Roads

Google Maps' direction feature is handy if you're trying to work out how to get from A to Z in an unfamiliar city, but it turns out there's one feature you can't really trust: the option to avoid toll roads.

Dan Warne at APC reports that the option to skip toll roads seems to be completely non-functional in Melbourne, even though Google Maps knows that individual roads do include a toll. A Google spokesperson has said the company is looking into the problem, but no timeline for a fix has been promised.

Given that Google Maps is a free service, there's limited capacity to really complain, though the maps integration is one of the crucial selling points for Android phones, which do cost serious money. Of course, Google has already experienced a few glitches trying to support those too.

You take the toll road, says Google Maps Australia [APC]


    this has never worked. and hasnt been working properly for ages. I cant even remember one time where it has worked properly.

    I've had it tell me to use the wrong side of the citylink (melbourne) tunnel. I guess it was technically the shortest route...

    In Adelaide, it's also not good at identifying one-way roads, or roads with little blocks at the end so you can't enter.

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