Google Map Buddy Generates High Resolution, Full Size Area Maps

Want a wall-sized satellite view of your suburb? A full-page street map of the town you're visiting? Google Map Buddy, a free, portable map maker, grabs data from Google Maps and arranges it exactly how you want it.

When you un-zip and run Google Map Buddy, it asks you to choose your Google Map nationality, then opens a browser to let you search out the location you're looking at. Once you get there, hit "Select area", then draw a rectangle around the area you want to capture. After fine-tuning the zoom level and hitting "Create Map Image", Map Buddy goes to work grabbing, tile by tile, your area's map. It generates a generally high-resolution PNG of your area, and provides the individual map tiles to keep and arrange yourself into a larger grid, if you'd like.

The software itself can be described as "picky" — you have to "X" out any particular business or destination that pops up in a dialog box on the map, and after zooming in on the Google Map browser to your destination, Map Buddy asks you for a deeper zoom level than what you've already set. So it's not an elegant tool, exactly, but it does deliver the very printable, full-picture map of your destination.

Map Buddy is a free download for Windows systems only, and doesn't require installation.

The Google Map Buddy [Augmented Reality Software via The Red Ferret Journal]


    Is this permitted by Google's terms of service? If not, users should also check out, which is an open source project that provides DATA, not just tiles.

      I tried It was just like Google maps or Whereis but much less useful.

        Keep in mind, though, with OSM:
        1) you get the DATA, not just tiles, and
        2) you can contribute. Think Britannica vs. Wikipedia
        3) the data is CC-BY-SA

    Looks like this has now been taken down. The developer was contacted by Google and reminded of the ToS.

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