From The Tips Box: Freezer De-Icing, Shortest URLs

From The Tips Box: Freezer De-Icing, Shortest URLs

Readers offer their best tips for defrosting the ice in your fridge and freezer, and making a healthy chocolate-like pudding.

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De-Ice Freezers with a Water-Filled Balloon

Photo by eflon.

pojken shares a clever use for clearing the ice buildup from your fridge and freezer:

Quick defrost a fridge using a balloon. The reason behind my method—a small stream of water melts ice relatively fast.

Fill balloon with warm water and then place it in the freezer. Pinch the neck of the balloon so that it shoots a small stream of water. That should quickly dissolve the ice. Works great for the top ice, too.

Of course, you’ll want to do this with a bucket or tray (my freezer has drawers that I used to catch the water). For American style fridges with freezers on top, I’m sure one could easily rig a plastic liner to funnel the water into a bucket, too.

Took me about half an hour to defrost (de-ice, really) my inches of ice covered freezer.

Take Advantage of the Shortest Possible URLs

aperson points us in the direction of the shortest URL shortener to date:

http://to./ is the shortest url shortener around

Simple, but awesome.

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