Foxtel’s EPG Search Down For The Count

Foxtel’s EPG Search Down For The Count

Foxtel’s “next generation” upgrade last year bought heaps of features to the pay TV platform, but seems to have sidelined one obviously useful function: the ability to search an A-Z listing of programs.

TV Tonight notes that the feature appears to have been absent since the upgrade, a stance backed up by numerous reader comments. Series link recording also seems to be something of an iffy affair for some viewers. Foxtel has said the issue will be fixed via a software update in the next few weeks, but given the provider’s patchy record on timely delivery, the wait might be a little longer.

Got your own Foxtel annoyances? Let’s hear them in the comments.

Search party out on Foxtel EPG [TV Tonight]


  • I don’t know if this is a hardware (remote) issue or a software (iQ) issue… but since Foxtel replaced my iQ last August, the remote regularly sends the wrong commands. For example, when side scrolling through the program guide, it will jump up or down; or pressing the “i” (info) button will mute the volume, or sometimes turn the iQ off. This occurs maybe once out of every 100 keypresses, which is just often enough to make it really annoying, but not quite often enough for me to try my luck with ANOTHER replacement remote.

    • Jon, it’s not the remote it’s the IQ box receiving sensor.

      I went through this for ages and finally after a few call outs Foxtel sent me a small plastic filter sticker to go over the receiver sensor. Problem fixed.

      In the short term put a piece of cloth or something over the sensor just to filter out some of the stuff. Trust me it works.

  • In January, Foxtel told me that they were going to re-introduce the A-Z search feature…….. and we’re still waiting.

    Not only is there a problem with series linking, but when I press the ‘R’ to record, all sorts of weird things happen. The screen almost fades out completely, flashes a few times, then returns with a message asking me to wait. So I wait, and wait. Sometimes nothing happens for several minutes. Foxtel’s answer to this problem was to re-download the latest firmware – did it make a difference? No.

    Foxtel support sucks. They don’t know their own system.

  • After nearly 4 months of the search not being fixed, I downgraded my packages and told them I’ll consider restoring when the issue is fixed. The only to get them to understand is to give them less money. If it makes it to 6 months, I will cancel completely.

  • I have an IQ2 and ever since they went over to the horrible orange/black layout the search fuction has never worked. When asked I was told its coming soon….yeah right. Also their online program guide isnt the same as the magazine guide. Sometimes Nat.Geo programs I have recorded are not what the info button tells you it is. I recorded what was supposed to be security forces in Iraq and I got firefighters in America. Foxtels comment was ‘we have no control over what is sent to us’ guess that sums it up

  • Foxtel has an almost total lack of regard for it’s paying customers, relegating us to “subscriber” status. I have had numerous conversations regarding glaring faults on the search functionality on the EPG, and also on the TV Guide (online EPG) on the website. (Got nowhere). Not just the A-Z, but the keyword searching is not working – e.g. genre search under sport for Rugby Union (or cricket, or league etc) does not yield all results on the TV screen. It only reads 3 days ahead but also now completely misses programming on certain channels on the same day of the search. It used to include Setanta lisings OK, but now sometimes doesn’t. Now the online EPG has an ad across the keyword field, rendering it unusable! Call the heldesk now, and you get an automated full reboot without asking for it, and no chance to talk to someone!!! Who is running that circus?? Search egnines are not rocket science, for God’s sake, and neither is customer service…

  • Fixing the broken search feature only makes the very bad interface slightly less bad. The MASSIVE font cuts off most of a program title and series link is a joke.

    I don’t use the on-screen guide any more. The website makes scheduling easier, even the iPhone app is more user-friendly.

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