Five Best Public BitTorrent Trackers

Five Best Public BitTorrent Trackers

A great BitTorrent client is all well and good, but you need a great tracker to get the actual torrent files and stoke the bandwidth-burning fire in your client of choice. Here’s a rundown of five of the most popular options.

A bit of clarification is in order before we share the list of the top five contenders with you. In our call for contenders we asked for you to share your favourite BitTorrent trackers, but we didn’t explain the difference between a BitTorrent tracker and a BitTorrent indexer. The difference isn’t immediately clear to the end user — nor does the difference even matter to many end users — and because we didn’t make the difference crystal clear the votes were a mix of both sites that tracked and indexed and just indexed torrent files.

Since the purpose of the Hive Five is to help readers find tools and the ability to find torrents is more important to the majority of users than whether or not the place they find the torrents is also acting as the tracker for those torrents, we’ve opted to overlook the confusion in an effort to share a list of where Lifehacker readers go to search and download torrent files. The following list contains both true trackers and indexers. If you’re curious about the technical details between a tracker and an indexer you can read up on them here and here.

The Pirate Bay





Have a favourite torrent hangout that didn’t make the list? Have a BitTorrent-related tip or trick? Let’s hear about it in the comments.


  • I don’t understand how private torrent sites can ever have the breadth of content and number of seeds as public ones. Isn’t the point that they’re more elite and exclusive? Doesn’t that then limit the volume of users to something less useful?

    • They help ensure “quality” of torrents, but having rules (generally) requiring people to share content at the same rate they download content.

      Also, when you have private trackers for specific purposes (such as TV shows), you can bet every TV Show in existence will eventually be available there.

    Lists the very latest major releases (movies, tv, apps) before they hit the tracker sites.
    Each release also has links to IsoHunt and others. As well as numerous direct download links from numerous file hosting sites (MegaFile, RapidShare, etc).
    For all your TV viewing pleasure.
    Scroll to the bottom, select your favourite shows, click GO, bookmark it.
    Invaluable list of when tv shows are airing. Air dates, time remaining, etc. As well as links to episode summaries and stuff.

  • A little known australian meta torrent tracker is t1. Its mostly been going around the university circles (thats how I caught wind of it). So far so good, not a lot of ads, hasn’t had any problems yet.

    Find it at:

    I’ve heard alot about Usenet, is it any good? Like whats the difference, and how do you use it? It just seems so confusing, or is it like lime/frostwire? Until then I’ll stick with t1 thanks!

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