Fast Way To Type A Slashed Zero In Office

Fast Way To Type A Slashed Zero In Office

Prefer your zeros to include a slash through them? The Crabby Office Lady points out you can effectively fake one in most Office apps using Control-/ then Control-O. If you regularly use one then setting up a macro or keyboard shortcut might be worthwhile, but for occasional use it beats hunting through the Insert Symbol menu option. [Crabby Office Lady]


  • Isn’t the slash through the zero supposed to be an implementation in the font used?

    Eg if the letter O looks sufficiently different to the number 0 then that font wouldn’t need to incorporate a slash through the number. This traditionally isn’t the case with hand written text or mono space text as they appear very similar or interchangeable.

    I actually think the character shown here is the symbol for diameter, not a zero.

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