Earth Tones And iMacs: A Cozy Home Office

Earth Tones And iMacs: A Cozy Home Office

Nothing in today’s featured office is extraordinarily expensive or custom built, but the office looks like it was designed by a professional thanks to a unified colour scheme and use of accessories.

Lifehacker reader Veronica Domeier made over her home office and since then she has been steadily tweaking the layout since. She writes:

So this year I decided I needed some inspiration in my home office. The new book shelf was a great start but nothing pops like a new coat of paint.

Last weekend we went down to HomeDepot and picked up some paint. I had already decided I wanted red before we got there. Looking through the swatches we came across one called “red, red wine” Perfect! One it was a nice shade of red, dark but not to dark and two it had the word ‘wine’ in it – I love wine. Sold!

Here are the results…I must say I’m really enjoying the new look 🙂

The images here show her office immediately after the make over and with the addition of an nice spacious external monitor.

Earth Tones and iMacs: A Cozy Home Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]

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