Dry Your Socks With A Hair Straightener

Dry Your Socks With A Hair Straightener

Socks have a peculiar tendency to take longer to dry than other garments (they were certainly one of the more challenging elements of last year’s Hand Luggage Only experiment on Lifehacker). If you need them to dry in a hurry, a hair straightener may be a solution.

Picture by dee_gee

Lifehacker reader Joshua T wrote in with this to-the-point tip:

Here is my ingenious tip for drying wet socks:

Wet socks + Hair straightener = dry socks in under 10 mins.

Girlfriends may not approve.

My hair’s already irredeemably straight, so I haven’t tested this personally, but (girlfriend wrath aside) it sounds less risky than draping a damp sock over a lampshade. If you’ve got another alternative sock-drying trick, tell us all in the comments. Thanks Joshua!


  • haha… the GHD Hair Straightener I bought for my girlfriend are worth $300. It would be wiser to buy 30 pairs of new jocks than to have to buy her another one of those Straighteners.

  • I often dry socks by fitting a sock over the blower part of a hair dryer or open the gap under a hand dryer and let warm air and the air blowing through the sock (acting like a wind sock) help dry a sock. Use low to warm heat though for synthetics.

    • one sock on each side of the car for aesthetics. if you have a convertible, you can tuck them under each side of your sunglasses.

      i like to thread mine through my spokes, or do a few laps in coles with them pegged on my trolley.

  • I think you need a new post about drying clothes in the microwave. Being the organised person that I am I find myself in front of the microwave most days drying something I need. Works a treat however you have to watch those metal buttons or it dose not end so well!

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