Does Your iPhone Hate 64-Bit Windows?

Does Your iPhone Hate 64-Bit Windows?

64-bit may well be the future of computing, but it still often feels like a neglected outpost for geeks. Foxtel Downloads is one notable piece of software that lacks 64-bit love, and now there seems to be an issue brewing with 64-bit Windows 7 and some iPhone users.

Reader James pointed out the issue to us, which seems to revolve around iTunes 9 refusing to work on 64-bit Windows 7 systems running P55 chipsets being unable to see any connected iPhones. There’s several extensive threads on the Apple site, but no clear resolution so far. (There’s also a similar problem on 64-bit XP, but there does seem to be a workaround.)

Have you got Windows 7 and the iPhone working like a charm, or are you ready to throw something at the nearest garbage bin? Share your thoughts (and your fixes) in the comments. Thanks James!


  • I’m running 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate on my sexy new 27″ iMac. I’ve always liked Windows but I’ve always like Apple hardware so this is the best of both worlds.

    My iPhone 3GS runs perfectly, no hiccups whatsoever with connecting to the computer.

    My only problem is with iTunes being the laggiest, buggiest, most poorly-designed application I’ve ever seen. It’s desperate for an overhaul.

  • To make your iphone work you need to instal itunes on your 64 bit win 7 comp. It installs the nessaary drivers for it to run, without it, it mine did not see the iphone at all.

    simple …

  • Cisco VPN client, used by universities and many corporations throughout this brown land, is another app that refuses even to play on Win 64-bit. No credit to Cisco, they see dollars at the end of the 64-bit tunnel, refusing to update Cisco VPN and pushing the more costly Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client to its customers instead. Woe and shame, Cisco, shame.

  • My iPhone works with iTunes for music/app sync etc but none of the other functions work like photo/camera sync. I just get something like “MTP Device” in device manager with an exclamation mark over it. Windows 7 says the drivers could not be installed.
    Tried a bunch of fixes and nothing works.
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit on a Core 2 Quad.

  • It’s actually turning out to be an issue with the USB drivers for P55 Intel boards. Funnily enough, when plugging the iPhone into a USB 3.0 NEC port, it worked fine.
    Updating the BIOS on the 2 gigabyte boards I’ve experienced it with (P55UD6A and P55UD5) fixes the problem, but the Asus board still hates me…

  • Worked perfectly on Dell XPS M1330 with Vista Business 32 bit. Migrated to 7 pro 64 bit, soesn’tyncing works fine through itunes but Windows can’t see the device saying it cannot install a driver. Apple site prompts you to a driver folder that doesn’t exist. Very poor support for 64 bit OS- on a par with Adobe. Buy their products and then they don’t want to know. Shameful.

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