DIY IKEA Pencil Holder

Got a bunch of spare pencils from all those trips to IKEA lying around? A Spanish design studio has a neat use for them: a pencil holder.

Let's be clear that heading to your nearest IKEA store purely to grab pencils is not recommended behaviour, but the same design idea could also be used with any pencil you fancy (or can pick up cheaply). Pencils aside, all you need is a little glue and card. For another crafty take on IKEA leftovers, check out making a messenger bag from the infamous blue IKEA carry bag.

Lapicientos, pencil holder [IKEA Hacker]


    Great idea. I will get those small pencils from the Casinos and TABs also.

    Isn't pointy pencils for the top of your pencil cup a bad idea?

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