Demo Offers A Peek At What A Chrome Tablet Might Look Like

Last week Apple announced their new tablet, the iPad, and whether or not you were keen on the device, you may still be interested in this concept demo of Google's open-source Chromium OS, tablet-ised.

Chrome OS's lead designer Glen Murphy (who I believe is also a UI designer on Google Chrome the browser) posted the concept video below to the official Chromium OS site.

Remember that the demo is just a mockup, and that neither the device nor the tablet-friendly version of Chrome OS exist. Still, for people interested in a future of tablet computing, between the iPad, Chrome OS, and the other tablets that are looking to come to market this year running regular old desktop operating systems made touch-friendly, that future is looking bright. Hit the link below for a closer look at some UI image mockups like the keyboard idea above.

Tablet UI Concepts [Chromium OS via Gizmodo]


    nice, i like it although, i think it's important that google gets their own marketplace similar to itunes for buying and selling content such as music, movies, etc. locspoc

    Did they call it Fata Morgana?

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