Carryology Slightly Obsessed With Bags And Wallets

Specialised communities are a key part of the attraction of the Internet, and Carryology — a site dedicated to "exploring better ways to carry" — is a pretty good example of how specialised you can get.

We've been known to make the odd observation or two about luggage and a comment or two about walletshere at Lifehacker, of course, but Carryology is a good way to dive into the basics of choosing a good laptop bag, for instance.

What sources do you use when choosing new bags or wallets? Share any good finds in the comments.



    sweet find gents. had a sniff around, am digging the backpack vs satchel topic.. im an Incase fan, but enjoyed reading about the others that the Carry people rate..

    Nice site, but it's very US oriented. Any good backpack vendors in Australia?

      Thanks James, we're trying to keep it pretty world focused, despite most of us being based down in Torquay Victoria.

      If you're after a great online bag and wallet retailer for Australia, we use for lots of our purchases. There's no sponsorship or kick-backs to us, we just find that they have a great range and generally good prices (unless you want an incase bag, and then you're better going through the Apple store).


        Woohooo got all excited about Rushfaster and am well-impressed with their range except that I didn't find the one thing I wanted most... A good tri-fold wallet.. I'm not big on bifold, too big yet a tri-fold fits me perfectly.

        I once found a place that did great Kangaroo skins once at an Ekka Stand but have since lost the reference..

        The search continues...

    I've always got my wallets as presents, but I think I'm getting ready to buy my first one, after my most recent present has come apart at the seams.

    Maybe I can just get a small handbag, and use that as a wallet. Does that work?

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