Buying More Google Storage? Check The Picasa Limitations

If you take a lot of photos and share them online, then Google's offer of cheap additional storage space can seem tempting. While Google's plans are pretty good value, there is one hidden limitation you should be aware of when using Picasa's web albums feature.

Google Operating System notes that Picasa has an upper limit of 1,000 files in any given album, and 1,000 albums overall. That means you can't store more than one million photos, even though Google's advertising suggests higher numbers if you purchase huge amounts of storage.

You probably don't have a million photos to share, but I suspect the album limit is more of an issue to consider. If you're a keen photographer, then three albums a week wouldn't be unusual, which would run you over the limit within seven years.

Two additional traps for Aussie players: the offer of a free Wi-Fi SD card doesn't apply if you do buy more storage, and if your ISP counts uploads as well as downloads in your monthly total, getting those pictures up could be costly anyway.

Google's False Advertising [Google Operating System]


    Umm.... I'd personally refer to this as a technicality at the end of the day, as opposed to 'false advertising'.
    Heck, even Facebook only allows 200 photos per album. Yeah you don't pay for it but my point is 1000 picture albums aren't exactly prevalent.
    As for the Wi-fi card, Aussies are always missing out of US only deals. *cough* Nexus One.
    Finally, if your not aware of how your ISP handles upload data or at least excess data, what are you doing buying anything like 16GB of online storage!?

    Umm, this is not a technicality. This is false advertising. See Google's own Picasa Webs help forum:

    Bait and Switch

    watch out for the new limits on using that storage for google docs as well!

    read more here:-

    Yeah, the album limit is aribtrary, maddening and absolutely smacks in the face of people who buy additional storage. Bait and switch? Perhaps not. But stupid, ignorant and misleading? Definitely. Google has to fix this or Flickr is going to widen its marketshare.

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