Bulk-Add Twitter Followers To RSS With Lists

Bulk-Add Twitter Followers To RSS With Lists

If you’re not using Twitter actively yourself but want to track particular individuals, using an RSS feed is an easy way to integrate with your existing feed reader habits. Here’s a neat trick to follow multiple people via RSS at once.

Every Twitter account has a built-in RSS feed (you can locate it in the right-hand column under the follower list). You can easily copy this manually and add it to your feed reader of choice, but if you want to do this with a lot of people, it can be a fairly fiddly process.

TwiTip outlines a simple method for adding multiple feeds, using Twitter’s lists feature. Essentially, you use the Twitter Lists 2 RSS service to create an RSS URL for a list, and then add that to your reader. Hit the post for more details.

If you’re not sure which RSS reader to use, check out our Hive Five of the best RSS readers. If the whole concept of RSS still has you confused, check out our Lifehacker 101 guide to using RSS.

How To Follow Any Twitter List In An RSS Reader [TwiTip]

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