Build A Sturdy Laptop Tray For Your Exercise Equipement

When exercise companies started designing exercise bikes with televisions built into them, they were certainly onto something. Mount your laptop on your exercise bike or elliptical machine with this rock-solid build.

We've already shared how to use PVC pipe to build a laptop holder for an elliptical machine, easy to build thanks to the ease with which you can saw and drill plastic pipe. If you're looking for a laptop stand with a studier feel to it, this metal version fits the bill.

Chris over at ManMade, a craft and DIY blog, wanted a solid laptop stand to attach to his recumbent bike. He stopped by the hardware store and grabbed some basic parts like angle iron and bolts, and with a little bit of DIY elbow grease in the shop-nothing more hardcore than drilling and using a dremel tool — he had a polished and sturdy laptop holder for his bike. It even has an area cut out of the support braces for peripherals and the power cord to be plugged in. Check it out in the video below:

If you have a treadmill and not a bike or elliptical, you'll definitely want to check out how to build a walking workstation. Have a hack that helps you spend more time exercising? Whether it involves DIY wizardy or just cleverness, let's hear about it in the comments.

How-To: Mount Your Laptop to your Exercise Equipment.


    I've got my treadmil setup similar.. but alot more basic.. I've got a shelf on my wall that has enough room for my laptop & keyboard/mouse (no sweat on laptop)
    And I play WOW on it for an hour or so.. or watch movies..
    Get to do gaming and exercising at the same time..
    I've got a bike to so I might try this other one

    Hey Chris - what make/model recumbent bike are you using in this video?

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